IOT Waste Management

What is Two?

Waste management is a growing problem for companies and cities all around the world. Costing millions of dollars to collect, manage and remove. It’s time to use IoT and blockchain technology to bring waste management into the 21st century.

TWO is an IoT hardware device that measures real-time fill levels of waste bins. Two substantially lowers costs and resources used in the waste management process through IoT and autonomy.

TWO’s solution is both cost effective and easily integrated. Two can optimize waste management in large buildings like airports and can also be scaled to smart city level deployments.

TWO utilizes the power of IOTA’s Tangle. It enables TWO to have a new blockless distributed ledger that is scalable and lightweight.

What’s Inside TWO?

Durable Industrial Case

Our product was designed to withstand high temperatures and is waterproof.

IR Sensor

We use IR for up to the millimetre accuracy to strengthen the truth of your data.

Tiny Wifi Module

It’s called the ESP8266 and it packs a punch. This wifi module sends our data to the cloud.

We also provide NB-IOT/LORA/SIGFOX modular attachments* 

High Capacity Lithium Battery

These batteries will ensure our sensor is operational for over two years before a replacement is needed.

Printed Circuit Board

Our PCB was made especially for our sensor. It brings everything together and is maintains optimal power inputs and outputs.


Our cloud monitoring and analytics platform allows our clients to see their data in real-time. This way, they can act in real-time.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Truly smart waste management needs a trustless environment. IOTA gives us security, transparency and a large amount of capabilities for future builds. The Tangle network will prove to be the best solution for our products scalability in larger deployments and the ability to process micro-transactions between bins and the truck fleets of the future.

Manage Waste In Real-Time


Build an Actionable Plan

“Previously a staggering 1,200 bins were changed each day and that number is now reduced to just 93 changes per day as a direct result of the new bin technology.”

ECUBE LABS Dublin Airport Smart Bin Integration.

Send a truck to come pick up your trash only when necessary. Using Tangles block-less distributed ledger.

Increase your recycling rates and understand where your waste comes from and why.

Reduce labour costs, lower your waste output and optimize unnecessary expenditures.

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Our Team

  • Ham Karami
    Ham Karami Founder

    I am passionate about changing the way we manage our waste. IoT & Blockchain technology provide us with the necessary tools to optimize and understand our waste and begin to develop smart, efficient systems that we can replicate in larger scales. I have worked closely with government bodies and passionate smart city implementors and have gained a full understanding of what is required to bring this company from prototype to deployment. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like further information.

    Carleton University – International Business

    Ontario Environmental Award Winner


  • Michael Carmody
    Michael Carmody Co-Founder - COO

    I am an experienced commercial product manager with years of experience leading, managing and deploying new hardware products with software heavy systems to the commercial market.At TWO my job is to Manage and lead a program involving multiple functions and project teams to drive the engineering development and implementation process for our product and service offering. Develop and direct development of schedules, critical deliverables, budget, resource allocation plan, and other support requirements.

    Commercial Notebook System Manager at HP

    System Engineer Program Manager

    Australian National University Class of 2004


  • Andrzej Miller
    Andrzej Miller Backend Developer

    I am skilled to develop and deploy top notch backend systems for software and hardware infrastructures. With my experience with startups around the globe, I am confident that TWO will be a game changing company for the waste management industry.  I am excited to take on this new role in the company and looking forward to breaking and building things!


    Wroclaw University of Science and Technology – Master’s Degree in Computer Science – Class of  2010



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